Creating silicone wristbands for fundraising or promotion of the group is a multi-level process. It obviously starts with the concept and it is then accompanied by the look. Once a design is chosen, one must find the correct manufacturer to produce a top quality and cost efficient item. From there, the product should be printed and shipped in a timely manner. This article will dive into every aspect of the process to hopefully pay the reader a larger knowledge of silicone wristband production. Deciding if the idea of silicone wristbands is right for any project depends on several factors. What’s your financial allowance? Which kind of cause or brand are you currently promoting? Do you have a mechanism so that you can sell or distribute the wristbands?
For those who have a little budget, that’s fine. Silicone wristbands really are an economical item for all those on a budget. In most cases, the minimum order at most US based producers is 100 pcs and also the price is generally between $90 and $140. This fits nicely within the smallest of budgets. Silicone wristbands are a good promotional tool for many causes, and perhaps not the best fit for others at

If you are raising money for something similar to a particular person or charity, it’s perfect at

You need a low cost, durable item that individuals will wear to assist raise both awareness and money. Should you play inside a band, the same thing applies. Music groups orders these in the thousands and their fans buy them just like quickly. But when you’re looking to promote a high-end brand with high-end, costly items, a silicone wristband may not complement your expensive products. You might look for a pricier alternative that better jives with your brand. Designing the wristband may go 1 of 2 ways.
Settling on the correct manufacturer can be complicated. Many websites offer custom wristbands at a similar price point. You need to thoroughly research these companies. Some offer fast services at very low prices. However if you simply consider their history, they have 100’s of consumer complaints lodged online filled with testimonials chalked full or problem reports. You need to avoid this no matter what. This goes double in case you’re raising money for an important cause at