Bikes are one of the greatest inventions of man. It is easy to drive (because of its pedal-driven feature and there’s no need for a driver’s license) and easy to own because of its cheap price per unit compared to mechanically driven vehicles. It is considered to be one of the popular forms of exercise (remember the stationary bike in your health gym? It is still a bike) and an environment-friendly form of transportation. Unlike a mechanically driven vehicle that uses refined petroleum as its fuel that results in emission of different waste gases, bikes do not emit any harmful gases to the atmosphere. Furthermore, bikes can pass through slim passageways and traffic-jammed areas, thus making it an ideal form of transportation for individuals who are “always in a hurry”.

Since its introduction in Europe during the early 19th century, bikes have evolved quickly into various designs. Such designs can be seen on presently manufactured bike units that are not only used as a means of transport but also as a sport and hobby as well. Presently heavy duty bikes, it is now also used in mobile police applications (in pursuit of a street criminal) and courier services (mails and other physical correspondence).

Numbering over a billion units playing various bike lanes and public roads worldwide, bikes are said to be one of the massively-owned properties in the whole world. An individual can acquire several bikes that can be used for different purposes because of its cheap price per unit.

Several bikes is one of the problems facing many bike owner and heavy duty bikes

It will cost you some space in your garage and probably displacing your car and other belongings out of the garage where it is supposed to be kept.

If you are thinking of building a small storage room to park your bikes, you may still consider your garage but you wont need to occupy precious floor space that could be used by your other belongings. Instead, you will use the ceiling of your garage through installing a bike hoist pulley system. It will not only help you solve your problems on bike storage, but you are guaranteed that your bikes are safe against any damages (if you know how to install the hoist pulley system properly).

The bike hoist pulley system works like your window blinds. You will just pull the rope to either lift and lock your bike in the air or loosen the rope to lower it on the floor. In case the rope suddenly slipped off your hand while lifting or lowering your bike, it will automatically clinch to a stop, thus avoiding your bike from crashing down on the hard floor of your garage. It is a simple idea that will put the space in your garage back for your car and other tools and tables for your home projects.

There are bracket hooks that are placed under the back of your bike seat and handlebar that will hold your bike while in the air. Other heavy-duty hardware are also included in the bike hoist pulley system such as strong ropes, fasteners, rope cleats, and wood screws. Such a bike hoist pulley system can hold bikes as heavy as 55 pounds and ideal for a ceiling height of 14 feet.

Let the bike hoist pulley system handle your problem on limited garage space. It will be of a relief to see your bikes hanging on the ceiling, only that the system should be properly attached to the ceiling.