If you are a certified beach junkie, then it is time to put Costa Rica into your itinerary and read about the ultimate Costa Rica beach guide. You have a choice of either Pacific or Caribbean beaches to select from and each beach is unique.

Costa Rica comes from the Spanish word ‘rich coast’, which is true enough because it is home to world famous coastlines and beach resorts. Genuine travelers and backpackers think of Costa Rica immediately when you say you are on the prowl for fantastic beaches. While you pack your bags and book your flight to Costa Rica, you might want to take your time in reading the Costa Rica beach resort guide to make the most out of your visit to the coast.

Before you accuse the map makers in Costa Rica as unimaginative because most of their beach spots start with the word ‘playa’, be informed that the Spanish word ‘playa’ literally translates to the word ‘sea’. So señoritas y senoritas, now you know that basically all of them are called ‘playas’ in Ingles.

The first on your beach stop should be Manuel Antonio. It is one of the world renowned beaches because of its powdery white sands in enchanting blue-green waters. The surrounding hilltops are lined with virgin waterfalls, streaming to its horseshoe bays. You can opt to dive, skim, surf, kayak and snorkel when visiting this little gem of a destination.

Next is the Nicoya Peninsula which, Costa Rica Beach Resort

As the term suggests, is a string of delightful strips of white sand beaches. It also is an added feature of the place that there are many lively cities in it such as Tamarindo, Mal Pais and Montezuma. But of course, it is not all chaos and frenzied since Nicoya also has remote and extremely relaxing beaches such as Playa Conchal, Hermosa, Flamingo, Samara and Playa Grande.

Deserving of honorable mention in the Costa Rica beach guide is Tortuguero which is touted as a nature lover’s paradise. While in the area, get ready to experience a number of exotic attractions such as scenic hiking trails, jungle canal tours in dugout canoes and rare guided safaris. The fact that 16 of Costa Rica’s endangered animal species make Tortuguero their home makes it a place not to miss.

Being only 2 hours away from the capital city of San Jose, Jaco beach is definitely considered by many as the ultimate skim and surfer Mecca. The wide beaches and great wave form found here will please anyone on board. In addition the place abounds with nightlife, world class dining options and even casinos. If budget is a factor, fear not. There are a wide variety of accommodations and activities to choose from at reasonable prices.

There are endless beach spots in Costa Rica and the list can go on and on. Other beach destinations worth mentioning, and worth visiting, are Corcovado which is the jump-off point for Isla del Caño, Limon where the Cahuita National Park is located and of course, Tambor (aka Bahia Ballena) where gentle whales can be seen from the beach as they swim up the coast.

Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean beaches are considered to be world class and they will not disappoint you.