If you’re in the medical field, you may spend more time in your medical scrub uniforms than out of them. You need scrubs that are comfortable for long shifts, but also scrubs that make you feel good about yourself while you’re on the job, and ill-fitting medical scrub uniforms won’t fit the bill. Some medical professionals have one go-to brand that they know fits best, but others may have a harder time finding that perfect fit in medical uniform scrubs.

With many scrubs retailers in the online world, you often don’t get a chance to try before you buy. This article will provide tips on finding the perfect set of medical uniform scrubs to fit your body type when purchasing from an online scrubs retailer. You can do this with a few simple tools and by looking at some of your favorite clothing in your existing wardrobe, and if you don’t have measuring tape, that won’t be a problem, either.

First, the fabric of the scrubs should be something that you’re comfortable in. Look at your favorite out-of-work wear, and take a peek at the tags to see what kinds of fabrics make up those pieces. It’s likely that with the wide variety of medical scrubs uniforms on the market you can find something similar, and many online scrubs retailers will list the fabric types in the medical uniform scrubs description.

Next up, it’s time to get to measuring and slim fit scrubs mens. If you don’t own measuring tape, a piece of string or yarn and a marker will work just fine. Picture an hourglass to remember the correct way to measure: fullest, slimmest, fullest. Wrap the measuring tape or piece of yarn around the fullest part of your bust while you’re wearing undergarments you’d likely wear with scrubs. If you’re using yarn or string, wrap it around and either keep the place with your finger or mark it with a marker, and then compare that length of yarn to a ruler or yardstick. A yardstick works best. Record your bust measurement.

Now it’s time for the waist measurement and slim fit scrubs mens

Measure at the thinnest part of your waist, and record that number. For hips, it’s back to measuring the fullest part, so wrap the measuring tape or yarn around the widest part of your hips and record that number, as well.

For scrub pants, length is important, because you don’t want the scrub hem dragging on the hospital floor, but you don’t want to look like you’re ready for a flood, either. You can find the right length by measuring your inseam. Choose your favorite scrub pants or even a favorite pair of jeans, and measure down the inside seam from just below the crotch to the hem of the chosen pants. That will be your inseam measurement.

Now you have the numbers you need. Check out online scrubs retailers. Each medical scrub uniforms manufacturer has somewhat different sizing, and good online retailers will provide sizing charts for each brand they carry. Compare the numbers you have to the sizing charts for the different brands of scrubs, and also keep the fabric choices in mind. If your measurements for bust, waist and hips are 39-32-43, respectively, you’d likely be a size large in IguanaMed scrubs, for example. Certain online sellers will also give you other measurements, such as center back length, the length of the garment from the top center of the back neckline to the bottom of the hem. This measurement will give you an idea of where the scrub top will hit on your hips.

Some online scrubs retailers will also give you pointers on how the scrubs fit, and whether they’re meant to be baggy or more form-fitting. Take note of those suggestions so you’re not surprised when the medical scrub uniforms arrive at your door.