Addiction to heroin is one of the most difficult and challenging substance abuses to overcome. Heroin detox is possible, however, if undertaken under the support and guidance of an effective detox program.

Individuals who take heroin for recreational rather than medicinal purposes often do so for the effects of relaxation and intense euphoria they experience from this opioid drug. Because tolerance of the drug escalates quickly and its effects lessen, more and more of the drug must be ingested to enjoy the initial experience, often leading to heroin addiction.

Without continual use of the drug, a heroin user goes into withdrawal, the symptoms of which include intense pain throughout the body, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, weakness, insomnia, chills and extreme irritability. Withdrawal symptoms will manifest within 12 hours of not taking any heroin with the symptoms lasting anywhere from 48 hours to four days in length.

Programs offering rapid heroin Detox Georgia while under anesthesia have come under fire for being very expensive due to the cost of the anesthesia, as well as the health risks of renal failure, heart damage, delirium, suicide and even death. A more gradual detoxification, although requiring the patient to undergo some or all of the painful symptoms, is a much safer and more effective heroin detox method.

Certain drugs such as methadone have been successful agents for heroin detox, minimizing the effects of heroin, and administered in gradually decreasing doses until there are no withdrawal symptoms. Drugs such as clonidine can be administered by use of a patch worn directly on the skin which administers the needed dosage over a seven day period.

A heroin Detox Georgia program that offers ongoing medical 

As well as emotional and psychological support is the best route for an addicted individual to eventually beat the addiction. Most heroin addicts will relapse as many as a dozen times or more before they completely abandon returning to heroin usage.

One of the most common detox methods is where you go to a clinic and are dose daily with prescription medication. The drug that they use for this has been used longer than any other detoxification method and is highly effective however it carries the risks of overdose and strong withdrawal symptoms. In addition it is only available at treatment centers and not through the privacy of your doctors’ office which for some individuals may make the least desirable option.

There is another drug which is one of the more recently approved medications for treating heroin addiction. It is generally considered much safer. It has much less risk of overdose and withdrawal effects than all the others and the most important fact is that it can be prescribed privately in a doctor’s office. It is easy to find out more about this medication by simply calling your physician.

There are a few more which are also approved for treating Heroin detox. However some of them are not widely used because of various concerns which include the fact that they can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. These drugs work best to reinforce patients who have already been detoxified rather than to detoxify patients.