The Panasonic Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4-Blade Wet/Dry shaver with the Vortex Cleaning System has been around for some time and it gained a reputation for being a highly capable electric shaver. Moreover, its price has dropped significantly in the last few years and now offers excellent value for money. It comes packed with features and technologies that will supposedly give you one of closest shaves of any electric shaver. Going over the list of features it’s likely that you’ll be impressed. Even though some of them are common to other Panasonic shavers (like the 30 degrees nano blades), it does have quite a few that were first introduced with this model. Basically this is Panasonic’s cool sounding name for a shaving head that can pivot in four directions: back and forth and left to right. This will improve the way it follows the contours of your face, especially in tricky areas like the chin and jaw line. You also have the option of locking the head in place with a switch located on the back of the shaving head. This is very useful for situations where you need more precision, for example when shaving the upper lip area. Previous and less expensive models had a mechanism that only allowed a left to right swivel of the shaving head. This razor has a 4 blade shaving system with an arched profile (hence the ARC 4 name) and all 4 blades can move independently. There are two main foils (the outer ones), one slit foil for cutting long hairs and one extra thin finishing foil. The blades and foils are made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel to minimize irritation. Even though the previous models had pretty impressive motors with 13,000 RPM, this one goes one step further.


It is one of the most powerful motors you can find on any shaver and this really gives it the extra edge when it comes to fast shaving times and cutting coarse hair. The ES-LA93-K has a second motor located in the shaving head with the sole purpose of producing vibrations of the outer foil (similar to Braun’s Pulsonic technology). This lifts the hairs that lie flat on the surface of the skin, making it easier for the blades to cut them. It also reduces the amount of pressure needed when shaving, causing less irritation and razor burn. Right out of the box, this shaver really stands out with its piano black glossy look. The fit and finish are very nice and the blue backlight of the LCD display adds to the classy and quality feel. Holding the shaver in hand feels natural and comfortable and has a nice, reassuring weight that is very pleasant. The ES-LA93-K surely got the looks and it stands out compared for example to the understated, even boring design of a Braun Series 7. The shaving head is quite massive with the 4 cutting elements, but once you get used to its size you’ll have no issues shaving with it.