Vertical Platform Lift

Choosing stairlifts to rent rather than buying can be highly beneficial in terms of finances and also convenience. There are so many reasons you may find that renting will benefit you more than owning your own lift outright.

Stairlifts are growing in popularity with more people relying on these devices each day to give them their independence and freedom of movement within their own homes. Stairlifts can dramatically improve quality of life. It is a fact that people are living for longer and the elderly are refusing to move out of their family homes that they have lived in for generations, which leads to family members being concerned about their well being and the dangers they face each and every day.

The first benefit is that instead of paying a large sum of cash for a new or reconditioned stairlift, you pay a weekly price which you can easily manage into your budget. You can choose whether to pay weekly or monthly, but you get to spread the cost, paying off the stairlift while you need it rather than having to come up with a large sum of cash in one go.

Next you will find Vertical Platform Lifts that the weekly payments are affordable. This is great when you have a limited pension budget you are adhering to. The affordable amount will be easily incorporated into the budget while helping to improve your quality of life now and moving forward.

Further, you will find that you only have to keep the lift as long as you need it. Maybe you have an elderly family member coming to stay with you for the summer season and you know that it is going to be dangerous to let them manage the stairs. You can choose a stairlift rental for the period you need the lift. 

This way Vertical Platform Lifts you can enjoy complete peace of mind at all times

With a rental solution, there is no warranty period after which you are responsible for servicing and repairs. The servicing and repair of the stairlift is automatically incorporated into the price you pay each week or month. This is very beneficial because whether you rent the stairlift for a week or a year or more, you will never be responsible for services or repair costs, which can help you save money in the long run.

Then you will also find that with the rental solutions, you will also get delivery, installation and removal included in the price. Again, a major benefit and money saving benefit that you can rely on. Some companies will charge you to install and remove a stairlift that you have purchased.

You can keep the stairlift for as long as you want. If you choose to rent for a set period and you realise you need it for that bit longer, then you just have to advise the stairlift rental company not to collect, so they can make a note. From here you continue paying the agreed amount until you no longer need the device.

In many instances a stairlift rental company will require you to give them one calendar month’s notice. Some may try to tie you into a long contract, so try and find a company that is not going to do this to you, so you can choose how long you want the lift and have it removed giving your notice period.

Finally, something very important to note is that not all stairlift to rent specialist companies offer curved stairlifts as a rental. If your staircase does have a bend, find a company that will provide you with this benefit.