For many athletes, having the correct clothing is an essential part of their job in order to perform at their best and hopefully succeed in winning recognition. Whether you are a swimmer, football player, jockey or cyclist, having the right clothing could be the difference between winning and losing. But what about those of us who are less serious and just cycle for the pure enjoyment? Is it really necessary to have professional cycling clothing? Cycling is slightly different to most other sports due to the fact that when we go cycling, we need certain equipment to protect our bodies and ensure we remain comfortable. Team bike jerseys – Having a cycling helmet is probably the single most important piece of cycling ‘clothing’ and everyone who cycles should wear one. Cycling can be dangerous and without a helmet, even just falling off your bike could be fatal. Many people do not realize the sheer importance of wearing a helmet, but without one, you could be asking for a nasty injury.

Team bike jerseys – Riding for long periods of time requires us to sit on a saddle, which is not one of the most comfortable seats we could choose to sit on.

Therefore the need to have proper cycling shorts is almost paramount in order to enjoy our ride. The padding in cycling shorts helps our bodies to protect it and makes riding that much more enjoyable. For those of you who are avid cyclists and will enjoy riding for more than an hour at a time will soon come to realize that cycling with a bag is both uncomfortable and unnecessary. However, there is a solution to carrying your belongings with you on the bike. Many professional cycling clothing brands will offer both jerseys and jackets with adequate pockets in order to store the essentials such as keys and phone. Team bike jerseys – Assos clothing is particularly good at offering great solutions to carrying your belongings. Their jerseys have conveniently placed pockets with zips to ensure the items don’t fall out whilst you ride – leaving you bag-less! Jerseys are also great for staying comfortable and maintaining your body temperature. Whether it is cold outside or hot, a cycling jersey will draw the sweat away from your body and help you stay dry. The material jersey’s are made from are designed to maintain a comfortable body temperature so you can focus on the ride rather than sweating.