Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life - sindhri mango online

Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life – sindhri mango online

Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life – sindhri mango online

Long life and good health can be greatly assisted by our dietary attitude (most important) and physical activities such as regular exercise.

Rules and habits that ensure longevity:

1st Rule: Eat less, Live longer?

Sindhri mango onlineCalorie restriction has been an issue of serious debate as one of the best measures to check ageing.

Experiments have shown that underfed rodents lived 40% longer than their well nourished counterparts. The same finding has been reported for fruit flies, worms, monkeys and other experimental lab animals.

One clear fact about this is that it is quite a tough tuff to indulge in calorie restriction as people who have been through it would readily reveal to you.

Research conducted on people practicing calorie intake restriction showed that some markers of ageing e.g. levels of blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. all improved on calorie restriction (CR) diets.

Owing to the difficulty encountered by people who try to practice calorie intake restriction, the effort now is at finding drugs that can give people all the benefits of calorie restriction without the diets.

Drugs that would be used to derive the benefits of calorie restriction are not yet out on prescription but more researchers are getting interested in this. Researchers are ongoing to determine what happens at the molecular level when calorie restriction slows down ageing. These efforts are trying to throw up facts about chemicals such as resveratrol which is a chemical that is found in red wine and it increases the life spans of yeast and fruit flies.

Sindhri mango online – many life forms is released by the body system when it suffers a stress

 It slows ageing when it amplifies the action of a molecule called SRT1. This explains how calorie restriction works, the body suffers some constant, mild stress when it is starved, positioning it to fight off any further severe stresses that can lead to the ageing of the cells i.e. the body cells are triggered to protect themselves from further decline.

So if resveratrol could be provided in the form of pills, one may have succeeded in misleading the body to believe that it is not getting enough calories and subsequent reactions by the body would be geared towards protecting itself from further decline and in this way ageing would be slowed down but this is still a hypothesis so is strictly handled by researchers for now.

Rule 2: When you eat, eat right.

People prefer eating junks to eating the right kind of food and in this way they are digging their own early graves in ignorance.

An average today’s person would have adapted to the life of patronizing fast food joints in the morning, afternoon and night time. Some believe that costlier cousins add more value to what they eat. Little do they know that a big bowl of rice with salad dressing plus a big lap of turkey etc. that make up a meal for one person as retailed in fast food joints has many disadvantages which could predispose one to diseases such as diabetes, cancer and many forms of heart diseases. Note some of these problems that would jerk you up.

Consumption of many highly processed foods would not keep one satisfied for a long time and this would cause you to rush back to more food as quickly as possible thereby consuming much more than you would need to in one day.

Highly processed food lacks vitamins needed to nourish life because many vitamins are water-soluble while some are heat labile so they must have succeeded in destroying about 80% of the total vitamin contents of the food by the time processing is over. Equally remember that some of these vitamins are called essential vitamins because our bodies cannot synthesize them.

Turkey laps are rich in cholesterol which is heavy on saturated fat which is the leading cause of arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.