Using illicit substance abuse badly affects the physical and mental health of an individual. In this article, let’s take a look at why people get into this habit and what are the warning signs of substance abuse.

Here are some of the common reasons for people getting into substance abuse.

• Social activity: At social gatherings when you are in the company of others who are using illegal substances you get influenced. In such a situation, you are more likely to get tempted to try drugs, because you see everyone there does it.

• Peer pressure: Peer pressure is an important factor which is responsible for addiction. Drug users influence non-drug users to try illegal substances to fit in the group and Georgia Rehab insurance.

• Poor family relationships: People who have a poor relationship with family members are likely to feel a sense of low esteem and might use illicit substances to get out of the feeling. If parents are not careful enough in maintaining an affectionate relationship with kids, kids feel isolated and left out. Such kids are likely to use illegal substances.

• To ‘feel good’: Attracted by the sayings of drug users that drugs make them feel good, young people tend to experiment with the feel good factor by using illegal substances.

Warning signs of substance abuse and Georgia Rehab insurance:

People under the influence of illicit substances exhibit certain warning signs. They are:

• Change in physical appearance: You can find people abusing substances not groomed as they should be. There is a strange smell from clothes, body and breath. The eyes are reddened and pupils are enlarged. They are nervous in speech and movement.

• Change in social behavior: People taking illicit substances tend to stay away from their usual company – school-mates, friends, parents, siblings and others in the family. They do not show interest in social or group gatherings.

They feel awkward to mix up with people who are non-drug users. They try to avoid normal people and demand more privacy.

• Fall in performance: There will be a fall in academic performance, increased absenteeism. They won’t take part in extra-curricular activities. Same is the case with working personnel. Whether it is a student, or an employee, performance falls drastically because of less ability to concentrate on their routine things.

• Mixing up with suspected drug users: People taking illicit substances do not like to mix with non-drug users. They like the company of drug users.

• Rebelliousness: People abusing illicit substances have a rebellious attitude. They do not go by the rules of the workplace, educational institute, etc. They are aggressive, short tempered and pick quarrels with people around.

• Low motivation: Substance abusers have low motivation and are not enthusiastic. They do not focus on studies or jobs, and feel less energetic for doing any activity.

These symptoms are a serious warning that the person is abusing illicit substances. Parents, employers and educational institutions need to take immediate action by getting the person medically examined and seek further course of action to stop the use of substance abuse.