When does a person require substance abuse treatment? What are the symptoms of such an abuse and what can be done to help the person overcome his/her addiction? If you or someone you love has been facing a hard time not reaching out for that glass of whisky or doing marijuana/heroin/meth then that they require rehab treatment without further ado. In this article we shall discuss the types of substance abusers there are, what symptoms that it presents and what treatment options are available for them.

Identifying Type of Substance Abuse and

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Substance abuse is a blanket term which encompasses everything from drug abuse to alcohol, prescription drugs and even common household items such as diluters found with ink whiteners. Some of them are more common and well known, while others seem obscure, however the going theme in all forms of addictions is that the person becomes hopelessly addicted to the substance and prioritizes it to the exclusion of everything else in life. Such a behavior obviously has social, psychological and emotional consequences.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

While different substances will no doubt produce specific symptoms, there are always a set of symptoms which all such abusers exhibit.

These addiction therapy services Georgetown include:

1. Denial; that is not coming to terms with the reality of their situation.

2. Codependence, which means that they are almost totally dependent on the substance, failing to consume which leads to manic behavior and withdrawal.

3. Depression, this is often a cause of substance abuse however it can also be its consequence.

4. Anger, violence and irrational behavior.

5. Social isolation and a gradual withdrawal from reality.

6. Changes in physical appearance including hygiene, skin problem, weight and/or hair loss.

Symptoms such as denial are almost always present in addicts and are primarily the reason why they do not seek help. In such a case, the duty of helping them find help falls on their friends and family. Other symptoms such as depression and violence need special psychiatric help which can be found in rehab centers.

Types of Substance Abuse Treatments

While all substance abuse treatments basically deal with addiction issues, most specialize in taking care of certain types of addictions. For instance, Rehab centers which deal with Alcoholics are known as Detox facilities. Similarly certain rehab centers will specialize in treating marijuana addicts while others will know how to deal with Crystal Meth addiction.

Rehab centers also vary by the degree of treatment that they can offer. Inpatient Rehab centers are by far the most fully equipped to deal with addicts as here, the patient is required to do time away from friends and families under strict medical supervision.